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Thank you for holding on to your membership. Whenever you want to return as a full member, please contact me and I'll setup your previous rate for you. In the meantime, here is a suggested path to follow:

Office Hours:

Each week, I hold my Office Hours at 1pm EST. If you can join, this is a great opportunity to ask questions and stay connected to your piano practice. Click here to join on Wednesdays.

Lesson Suggestions:

In addition to having full access to my 30-Day Piano Playbook, you also have access to hundreds of lesson chapters. Please note, you will not have access to the sheet music for these chapters while your membership is on hold. However, there is still plenty to learn from these lessons. Click on the dropdown menu to choose a lesson:

's Badges & Awards:

Badges -should- be working again. If the badges above look wrong, please write in and let me know. Thanks!
Badges that are grayed out have yet to be earned. Click here to learn more about badges and awards.
Log Your Practice: What's This?
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100% = 60 minutes of practice per day

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Log Your Practice

Use the practice log to keep track of how much you are practicing. Keeping this log up to date will help because we will be eventually adding more reporting to the site.

To get started, click on the dropdown menu to choose how much time you practiced. Every time you choose a new value from the dropdown, it will increase your practice time.

For example, if you choose 30-min then practice another 30-min later in the day, choosing 30-min again will show your total as 60-min.

Student Highlights:

Top badge earner past 7 days: Gustavo Guerra

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Top practicer past 7 days:

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Engagement Stats:

In the past 7 days, an average of 3 videos have been completed per student.

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Video engagement is increased when you watch the videos. Simply marking a video as 'complete' without watching it will not increase your video engagement.

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