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"Besame Mucho"

"Bésame Mucho" ("Kiss me a lot") is a song written in 1940 by Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velázquez. I will show you this beautiful song note-for-note. I will also show you how to incorporate other latin grooves to create an improvisation.

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"Light My Fire" - Vol. 1

In this 2-part lesson we are going to cover Ray Manzarek's epic solo on the Door's song: Light My Fire. There are many great tips to gain from this solo and it is a great example of how to build a solo using few notes and rhythmic elements. Using the A dorian scale, this lesson will also give you pointers on how to improvise using your dorian mode.

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"Light My Fire" - Vol. 2

In part 2 we will finish up with the organ solo. I'll also show you how to practice the left-hand bass and bring that into the solo. We will end by covering some more advanced improvisation techniques that will take the solo outside of the rock style and bring in some other stylistic elements.

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"Manha De Carnaval"

Manha De Carnaval from Black Orpheus is one of Luiz Bonfa’s most famous songs. In this lesson we will be breaking down the improvisation of the song first and add an arrangement at a later date. I will cover a few techniques that you can use in both group and solo settings. I will also play it a bit faster (like you will often find on gigs). This lesson is for the intermediate to advanced student.

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"My Romance"

In this lesson I will break down the Rogers and Hart standard My romance into 5 easy steps. We are using the chords right out of the Real Book with limited re-harmonizations. Many students have asked “How do I play from a fakebook?” Well, this is the lesson for you! The information in this lesson can easily be applied to thousands of other standards.

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"Riders On The Storm"

In this Dorian-based song, I'll show you how to play the song solo or with a group. You'll learn the melody as well as improvisation. We will break down some of Ray Manzarek's licks and talk about bringing in some advanced techniques like tritone-substitutions into the arrangement.

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"Somos Novios"

Somos Novios is a beautiful ballad by Mexican composer Armando Manzanero. We will break down the chords, learn the analysis and talk about how to move this into new keys. We will also spend time on improvisation and learn the montunos in the song.

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A beautiful song by Hoagy Charmichael in which I teach you the arrangement while also reviewing arranging techniques that "spice up" the song. We will be covering drop 2, drop 3 and drop 4 voicings. These voicings help to spread out your chords.

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"Stella By Starlight"

In this lesson, I will show you how to arrange the classic standard Stella By Starlight in a Ballad style. We will also focus on how to comp and accompany. This is great if you work with a singer, accompany yourself or need to comp behind a soloist.

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7 Ways To Practice Away From The Piano

This lesson is perfect for those of you who are too busy to always find time to practice at the piano. Learn techniques that you can practice away from the piano that will enhance your learning and technique when you do get a chance to sit down at the piano and play.

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