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Jazzedge Core™ is a set of 6 courses which gives both beginner and advanced students a path to follow in their quest to become better pianists.

The tight integration between courses and their organization makes sure that you stay on track in your practice and you know what to practice each time.
30-Day Piano Playbook™ is the best place to begin if you are new to Jazzedge or the piano. Lessons 1-19 are perfect for absolute beginners at the piano while lessons 20-30 teach you more advanced material.
Piano Essentials™ teaches you scales, triads and seventh chords in all 12 keys along with proper fingering, theory and technique. This course also show you the grab technique which will change your piano technique forever!
Chord Essentials™ features ten short progressions in all 12 keys teach you new rhythms, how to play in different styles and create grooves all with fun backing tracks.
Piano Accompaniment Essentials™ will stop you from wandering around at the piano and learn once and for all the patterns you need to sound more professional while backing yourself or others at the piano.
The Confident Improviser™, which is based on years of research, shows everyone (even absolute beginners) how easy it can be to improvise at the piano through fun exercises along with backing tracks.
Standards by the Dozen™ will teach you to play standards from a fakebook using a 6-step process. Perfect if you want to play solo piano, accompany yourself, or in a group setting.

The Jazzedge Difference...

With over 30 years experience, 20 teaching online, you'll learn from a pro...who knows how to teach. 
Immediate access to over 800+ hours of lessons. That's over 4,800+ HD, step-by-step videos
You'll learn jazz piano, blues, improvisation and many more styles
As a Jazzedge member, you'll enjoy full access The Confident Improviser™, 
the only course of its kind that teaches improvisation from the ground up.
Jazzedge Core™ gives you a guided path to follow so you are never lost
Weekly live coaching and Q&A sessions (optional add-on). You don't need to wait once a month 
to get your questions answered. I'm on live every week serving my students!

What You'll Enjoy Inside:

24/7 Access

Watch the lessons on your schedule, anytime day or night, on any device!

Piano Playlists

Create your own playlists to organize the lessons to fit within your practice routine.

Virtual Keyboard

Easily see every note with our proprietary virtual keyboard in the video!

Group Coaching

Jazzedge students can get feedback on their playing, practice suggestions and more.

Popular Music

Play everything from the Beatles to classic Jazz Standards with full arrangements.

Detailed Sheet Music

We have hundreds of pages of high-quality sheet music for you to download.

Theory & Ear Training

Train your brain and ears by doing. Each lesson covers theory in new ways so you learn faster.

Private Lessons

Students can optionally pay for a private lesson directly with me if they need it. This lets you pay only for what you need.

Dexterity & Fluidity

You'll get lessons on technique that other teachers either don't share...or know!

Backing Tracks

Hours and hours of backing tracks make your practice more fun and engaging.


You're not alone! Find answers and connect with other students in our forum and social community.


Anyone can improvise with my system. If you've always wanted to improvise...I'll teach you in The Confident Improviser™

Live Coaching

With Jazzedge's massive library of 860+ lessons, you'll never be at a loss for new material to practice. But, what happens when you have a question? This is where group coaching comes in!

Coaching Highlights:

Any student can join, regardless of experience level
Students can register before coaching to get feedback on their video
Students can submit questions before the coaching
Every session is recorded and added to the site for later viewing
Coaching is included for FREE with both monthly and yearly memberships
Always something to learn from my feedback to other students
You can join and just watch. No pressure to share your video or participate!

Our Community

Jazzedge is more than just a lesson database. It's a community of fellow pianists that are all working to improve and expand their piano playing ability...just like you. Hear what they have to say...


Student from Cape Town


Student from Montreal


Student from California

Who is Willie?

I'm a Berklee College of Music grad, been teaching over 32 years, toured internationally, recorded several albums, written over a dozen books on music and have been teaching online for over 20 years! Read more.
Free Trial

Piano-Success™ Guarantee

I want you to be 100% happy. You have up to 30-days to request a full refund using our no-hassle refund system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need HELP and DIRECTION?
After logging in to your Jazzedge account, you'll be presented with your dashboard where you'll find Jazzedge Core lessons along with easy drop-down menus for quick navigation. It is suggested that you start first with Jazzedge Core, then join in on the many live coaching options to get feedback directly from Willie when you need help.
Is this site good for beginners?
If you are an absolute beginner, meaning you don't know the notes of the keyboard, have never played a song or have no idea what a quarter-note means, you should look at my HomeSchoolPiano program which is perfect for absolute beginners.

If you've been playing for a few months you have all the skill you need to be successful here at Jazzedge. My students range from beginners to pros. You'll find all the lessons you need here to "level up" your piano playing.

Read "How Do I Not Get Overwhelmed With All This Content?" below...
Do you have a free trial?
Yes, we offer a free trial at Jazzedge Academy that does not require any credit-card info. Just a bunch of great free lessons to get started with!
I'm put off by the word "Jazz" in Jazzedge. Is this site only jazz?
Not at all. I have hundreds of lessons ranging from funk to rock, blues to latin, theory to ear training and even beginner classical piano lessons. 

Over a dozen musical styles are covered in my lessons. Yet, you will notice that the site skews toward the jazz style.

So, why Jazzedge? Well, when I started my online businesses in 2000...yes that long ago, I wanted to created a name that joined together my love for jazz and education. That became JazzED which eventually morphed into JazzEdge. We actually spelled it as JazzEDge for a while.

So Jazzedge is not only for the 'elite' player. Nor is it only for jazz players. Jazzedge takes the best of jazz, its creativity and improvisational spirit, to create an online learning experience like no other.

As one of my students likes to say "Your lessons don't just teach me a song, they teach me HOW to learn."
How do I not get overwhelmed with all this content?
Most students are blown away by the amount of incredible content in the members' area. It's kind of like being a kid in a candy store, so the best way to get started is by checking out:

1. Do Jazzedge Core™ on the dashboard gives you quick access to the 6 courses that will change your piano playing forever. If you decide to sign up for No Bull Piano, you'll still enjoy access to over 50% of Jazzedge Core courses, plenty to get started.

2. Attend live sessions which are held throughout the month. My coaching students work with me live, ask questions, get feedback and direction on how to improve and what they should practice next.

3. Finally, if you need a more personal touch, private lessons are available (for an additional cost) for Jazzedge members. Schedule and pay for a lesson for me then we can meet 1-on-1 and put together a plan for your playing! Sorry, only full Jazzedge members can book a private lesson with me.
Can I download the lessons?
You can download all of the sheet music, jam tracks and stream the videos as much as you like. Video downloading is not available at Jazzedge. However, most of the lessons at Jazzedge (with a few exceptions) can be found at our Piano Lesson Store where you can purchase them individually and download them to your computer.

Is new content being added to the site?
Jazzedge is no longer accepting new students. All content from Jazzedge has been moved to our new site Jazzedge Academy. In the Academy, new lessons are added regularly. 
Do I need any special keyboard or equipment?
No. The video-based lessons can be viewed on any internet-enabled device. Coaching for Jazzedge Plus members is done using the free Zoom software which also runs on any internet-enabled device. You do not need any special keyboard or piano. If you're looking for a good keyboard, check out my equipment suggestions.
Do you offer any guarantee?
Yes! I want you to be happy with your lessons, so if you're not 100% happy with the lessons, your purchase is backed by my 30-Day Piano Success™ Guarantee.  Using our 24/7 refund system, you can request a refund on any payment made in your account per our Terms & Conditions.
How do I cancel my membership?
From the main menu choose MY ACCOUNT > SUBSCRIPTIONS to mange your membership at any time, day or night. Simply go to that page and every subscription you have will be listed, along with a cancel link.
If I cancel, do I get a refund?
It depends on how long it has been since your last purchase. Please see our Terms & Conditions.
Are there any hidden fees or contracts?
Absolutely not! You can manage your account easily from your dashboard. You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time. And, if you need help, just chat in and we will be happy to help!
What if I need help?
All membership levels can chat in using the orange chat bubble in the bottom right of each page. If you have a music related question, that is best answered in my Q&A With Willie sessions, or via group coaching on Tuesdays.
All Jazzedge lessons have moved to Jazzedge Academy


With the largest selection of highest-quality piano lessons online, Jazzedge has become the place where serious students take their piano playing to their next level.
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