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As a small business, refunds and chargebacks cost us time and money so I want to make sure that you understand and agree to our refund policy in full before diving into the lessons.

I want you to be 100% happy with my lessons, so if for any reason you are not, you have 30-days to request a full credit of your first membership payment that can be used to download any lesson from our store. Downloaded lessons are yours to keep.

We do not offer refunds on recurring memberships, so please make note of your renewal date.

Note - this message is shown to everyone, even if you do not have an active membership. You need to agree to the terms in order to use the site. Just scroll down to agree. If you do not agree to the terms, and you have a paying membership it may get canceled and you will lose any special rate and progress tracking.

If you prefer not to renew, you can cancel your membership at any time from your subscriptions page and you will keep the time you've paid for. 

If you have a legacy or special membership rate, and you cancel your membership, you may not be able to get that rate back in the future if you decide to return to the site.

Monthly memberships do not receive email billing reminders. If you have a yearly membership, the system is setup to send you a billing reminder email each year before your membership renews as a courtesy. Please make note of your renewal date just in case there is a system error or the email goes to your spam/junk box. There are no refunds if you miss this email and your membership renews.

If you have a membership that is named 'MONTHLY' or 'YEARLY' this means your membership will renew each month or year until cancelled. Check your membership here.

There are no refunds on membership renewals, so please make a note of your renewal date.

Chargebacks (when your membership charge is reported to your bank as fraud) are very hurtful to our business, and to me personally. Remember, you can always contact us at any time by emailing support@jazzedge.com.

Initiating a chargeback against Jazzedge will result in you being blocked from the site and unable to purchase anything in the future. Again, communication is the key! I'm here to help so please just reach out before initiating a chargeback and I'll be happy to help.

If you're interested, you can read our full terms & conditions here.

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With the largest selection of highest-quality piano lessons online, Jazzedge has become the place where serious students take their piano playing to their next level.
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