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Where Do I Start?

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First, you might read this and say "Yeah, but this doesn't relate to me...."

Please watch this video:

I've been teaching online for 20+ years and teaching privately for almost 35 years so I know this stuff works.

You must TRUST the process first. If you can't trust my method, I'd suggest checking out another teacher. There needs to be trust between us in order for you to get the most out of my method.

The First 5 Courses I Recommend:

  1. If you're brand new to the piano or my lessons, start with my CorePiano™ and 30-Day Piano Playbook™.
  2. You need to do Piano Essentials™. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or you tour professionally. There is material in there to help your technique and knowledge of music, so please check out those lessons.
  3. Next, my Chord Essentials™ program is great for all styles. If you want to learn jazz, there are jazz exercises. If you want to learn rock, there are rock exercises. Doing these exercises in all 12 keys will help you master common progressions, rhythms and licks.
  4. You can add my Rhythm Essentials™ program to your practice routine at any time if you feel your rhythm is suffering. Rhythm is the cornerstone of music and without a solid rhythm, you're lost. Be sure you can accurately play through all of these rhythms and you know how to vocalize.
  5. To improve your technique (remember, if you have poor technique you won't be able to play what you hear) do my "Get Faster At The Piano" course.

I Did The 5 Courses Above...Now What?

Join me in the live coaching which is held TWICE A WEEK. This is where you can ask me specific questions about what you are working on and get feedback on your playing directly from me.

I know that many students are nervous about joining in on coaching, especially if they are beginners. So, let me explain how it works...

  1. Everyone is welcomed to join in on coaching. All levels, all ages.
  2. Everyone in coaching is SUPER supportive of one another
  3. It doesn't matter what level you are currently at
  4. Join the first time and just watch and listen if you are nervous
  5. There is NO requirement to share. You can just watch, that's O.K.
  6. Sessions are recorded and put in the Community area

How Much Should I Practice?

I recommend 4-5 days a week for 30-45 min for maximum results. However, even 5 minutes a day of focuses practice can yield positive results! My "Practicing The Piano" lesson will give you some great insights on how to practice more effectively.

I'm Having Pain When I Practice, What Should I Do?

Watch my "Pain, Tension and Technique" lesson to learn about the grab technique and how to release tension and play more freely.

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