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Sheet Music & Backing Tracks

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The sheet music and lesson resources can be found on each lesson page in the top-right part of the page. (See image below)

The Sheet Music is in PDF format and should open easily on any device.

The Audio files and Backing Tracks are ZIPPED so you'll need to unzip them before playing them. If you are on an iPhone, I recommend you purchase GoodReader from the App Store. We can not help you with GoodReader, but they have a great User Manual online.

If you are on a chapter page, you need to click on the lesson link to get to the lesson page where the resources are located. See below:

Download iRealPro Files

Sometimes you want to FORCE download an iRealPro file, especially if you are using the BlueStacks emulator. In this case, click the file download icon to download the iRealPro HTML file to your computer. 

Downloads will be stored where your browser is set to download files.


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