Recommended Books

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Even though every lesson has sheet music, there are several books I reference during the lessons that you might consider getting.

  1. Real Book Vol 1 (6th Edition)
  2. Real Book Vol 2 (2nd Edition)
  3. Real Book Vol 3 (2nd Edition)

I encourage you to purchase a physical copy of the books using the links above. However, there are also PDF versions that can be found at the non-profit Internet Archive. See here.

Rhythm Books:

  1. Modern Reading Text in 4/4 For All Instruments
  2. Progressive Steps to Syncopation for the Modern Drummer
  3. Rhythmic Training

Theory Books:

  1. The Jazz Theory Book - Mark Levine
  2. The Jazz Piano Book - Mark Levine


  1. The Public Domain Christmas Jazz Fakebook

Please note - we do not receive any affiliate money from recommending any of these resources. They are just great resources to get but completely optional.

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