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Using the site on a desktop or laptop does not require any additional software.

There is nothing that needs to hook up from the computer to your keyboard or piano.

We do use several different files however and some of these files need special software.

  • PDF files - our sheet music is in PDF format. Most computers have a PDF reader built in. If not, check out the free Adobe Acrobat. Mac users can use Preview to view PDF files.
  • MIDI files - some lessons have MIDI files. We are no longer adding new MIDI files for lessons. On a PC you can use vanBasco's Karaoke Player. On a Mac you can use Quicktime or VLC to play MIDI files. If you're on a phone/tablet, check the app store for your device and search for 'MIDI player'
  • Videos - if you purchased any lessons for download, the free VLC player is great for viewing those videos.
  • iPad / iPhone users - some lesson resources are zipped. To download and unzip these files, I love the GoodReader app. The app is $5.99 as of this writing and well worth it!
  • Backing Tracks and Digital Realbook - check out the fantastic app iRealPro. From their site: "Our app simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice, and also lets you collect chord charts from your favorite songs for reference."

Please note - we can not provide ANY type of support for the software listed on this page. We do not receive any affiliate 'kick-backs' for recommending this software. This is all software I use and love.

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