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Difference Between Jazzedge and PianoWithWillie

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I started PianoWithWillie many years ago to store all of my piano lessons. Over time, students wanted to focus their practice on particular styles so I created my microsites: Cocktail Piano Lessons, Funk Piano Lessons, Rock Piano Lessons, Play Blues Piano, Jazz Piano Theory and Music Theory Online.

This worked great for several years but students began to become confused with so many sites.

It was also confusing to know where to find a particular lesson. Was it on PianoWithWillie or a microsite? It was difficult to know.

This led to the decision to consolidate 7 of my sites into one site, Jazzedge.com.

Now my PianoWithWillie site and all 6 microsites are housed under one roof, https://jazzedge.com.

What is the difference between these sites?

Well, Jazzedge contains all of the material from PianoWithWillie and the 6 microsites listed above.

PianoWithWillie and my microsites are no longer accepting new students.

Do you have other sites?


In addition to Jazzedge, we also maintain HomeSchoolPiano, Summer Piano Jam and Jazz Christmas Music.

HomeSchoolPiano is the best site to begin with if you are an absolute beginner who has NEVER played the piano before. I'm talking absolute beginner with zero experience playing the piano.

Summer Piano Jam is my yearly summer piano camp for students of all levels that focuses on the blues and improvisation. We end each summer with a student showcase!

Jazz Christmas Music is for any student (beginner to advanced) wanting to learn how to play, create and improvise over Christmas arrangements.

These three sites are not part of the Jazzedge membership. They are separate sites you can purchase.

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