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Clear my browser cache

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Sometimes you need to clear your browser's cache in order to login to a site. This happens sometimes during upgrades or site changes and is a part of life on the Internet.


  • In the Safari app, click Safari and Preferences
  • Click the Privacy tab
  • Click the Manage Web Site Data button
  • A new window will open and you will see a list of websites that stored data.
  • Find the affected site (again this was archive.org for me), you can use the Search field to find easily.
  • Select the domain
  • And click the Remove button
  • And click done.

Google Chrome:

  1. Start by bringing up the Clear Browsing Data window:

2. Next, choose to clear your Cached images and files:

That should do it. I'd suggest restarting Chrome, then try to login at https://jazzedge.com/login.

If you are still having trouble, you might need to clear both the cache and cookies:

Or try this trick...

  1. Login using a different browser (For example, if you normally use Chrome to access Jazzedge, then try Safari or Firefox)
  2. If you get in fine on a different browser, then you know it is a cache issue with Chrome.

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