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"A Mid-Summer Session"

A Mid-Summer Session: Learn a Bluesy, Gospel-flavor song while also learning new techniques, licks and “walk ups”. I will explain how to play “A Mid-Summer Session” note for note on the piano. Also I’m going to go through all of the techniques and chords I am using for this arrangement. By learning how to play“A Mid-Summer Session” you will learn to get these techniques under your fingertips. After learning the arrangement, you will also get to see how I came up with the chords I’m using in this song.

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"All Blues" Techniques

In this lesson we break apart sections of Miles Davis's song "All Blues." We will learn the groove section and I'll also show you how the melody lines up with the groove. However, our main focus will be on improvisation and some advanced concepts like maintaing flow while improvising over the baseline. We will also cover Four "over" Six rhythms and how to incorporate them into the song.

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"As Time Goes By"

In this lesson I’ll show you how to create a full arrangement of As Time Goes By using my step-by-step standards system. We will start with easy chord shells then I’ll teach you a more advanced arrangement and show you how to do quick chromatic fills to create a more personal style for your arrangements. You should do the My Romance lesson before starting this lesson. Finally, I’ll give you some “pro tips” to make your lead sheet playing sound more professional.

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"Bebop Blues"

For this lesson, I transcribed (3) choruses from a YouTube video featuring a Ray Charles bebop blues. In the lesson I will teach you step-by-step each of the choruses and also show you how to practice the song so that you can incorporate these ideas into your own soloing. If you like the bebop and blues sound, you'll love this lesson.

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"Fly Me To The Moon"

I will teach you how to play this song in a solo/cocktail piano style using an easy shells and melody approach. After we cover the basic arrangement I'll show you how to create fills and flourishes. We will also cover how to create an ending. This is a great introduction to Real Book / Fakebook playing.

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"Georgia On My Mind"

Georgia on My Mind was written in 1930 by Hoagy Carmichael (music) and Stuart Gorrell (lyrics). I’ll teach you how to re-harmonize and play my arrangement. Soloing tips will also be available.

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"In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning"

In this song lesson, we will use our step-by-step standards technique (similar to My Romance) to create an arrangement. In three steps (plus analysis) we will go from melody to complete arrangement along with some advanced tips to help you apply these techniques to other standards.

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"Moon River"

In this lesson, you'll learn how to play Henry Mancini’s Moon River arrangement step by step while also learning how to create a flowing left-hand ballad style.

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"My Romance"

In this lesson I will break down the Rogers and Hart standard My romance into 5 easy steps. We are using the chords right out of the Real Book with limited re-harmonizations. Many students have asked “How do I play from a fakebook?” Well, this is the lesson for you! The information in this lesson can easily be applied to thousands of other standards.

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"Stella By Starlight"

In this lesson, I will show you how to arrange the classic standard Stella By Starlight in a Ballad style. We will also focus on how to comp and accompany. This is great if you work with a singer, accompany yourself or need to comp behind a soloist.

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"Stormy Weather"

You will learn how to re-harmonize the song and play the arrangement. However, we will also cover improvisation and I left room for a "followup" chapter to answer students questions about the lesson!

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"What A Wonderful World" - Vol. 1 (Arrangement)

In this lesson, we will focus on creating a beautiful arrangement using our shells and melody technique. Much like the My Romance lesson, this lesson will go step-by-step through the song so that you can see a finished arrangement using these techniques. Picking apart this arrangement and the techniques used, will be a valuable exercise for students of all levels.

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