15min Private Piano Lesson

Private Piano Lessons with Willie Myette

We at JazzEdge strive to create and deliver the best music education video content on the web to our students.  But sometimes what you really want is that human interaction and the opportunity to ask YOUR question and get a specific answer or demonstration.  To that end, we are now very pleased to offer PRIVATE PIANO LESSONS!

So how does this work, you ask?  A private lesson is just that - one-on-one instruction via video in which you sit down with Willie and have a lesson tailored specifically to your interests, skills, development, and needs as a pianist. You are 100% in control - YOU determine the content and YOU get to ask any questions you may have.  

You'll leave your lesson with specific things to practice which will help you improve in your areas of interest.  And what's best is that you get a recording of the entire lesson so you can re-watch it and work from it as much as needed!

How does this work? We start by using our Gotomeeting software that has been "battle tested" and works every time. The software is free of charge and allows us to connect securely to you via video. Don't worry, there is no "spyware" here. You need to 'answer' the call before the call connects...just like a phone. For this reason, we suggest that you be ready for your lesson at least 5 minutes prior to the lesson start time.

After purchase, you will get a link to the live lesson page. You answer the call, then start the video communication. You then see the teacher and the teacher sees you!

Do I need special hardware to use the software?

No. The software for the lesson works just fine on most modern computers and tablets. Using a wired internet connection is best. Any web camera works fine.  We suggest logitech webcams. They seem to perform the best for us. Run a system check before the lesson.

» System check

How Does Scheduling Work?

After purchase you can schedule your lesson directly with Willie. This let's you have a lesson time that works within your own schedule.

What is covered in the lesson?

That's up to you! This is YOUR lesson, so you get to drive the ship. Of course the teacher will guide you and answer your questions, but this is your time to get one-on-one attention from a professional.

What happens AFTER the lesson?

A recording will be made of the lesson, be edited and be made available to you within about 24 hours. You can then download the lesson and it is yours to keep. This is the most valuable aspect of the private lesson because you get a high-quality video lesson on specifically the topics that you need help with the most. Since you can watch this recorded lesson over and over again, you can get every single scrap of information out of the lesson...something that is impossible to do with traditional lessons.

What are the advantages of an online lesson rather than a traditional piano lesson?

Quite a few, actually.  First, you are able to have your lesson conducted right from your own home - no travel time or driving required.  

Secondly, you are able to take advantage of our professional teachers and our state-of-the-art technological resources via the internet, neither of which may be available with local teachers.

Thirdly, many teachers teach traditional pedagogy which means they might not be comfortable teaching the repertoire you are looking to learn.  We are happy to let you determine the content of your lesson.

Fourthly, there is no long-term commitment required with our private lessons.  Take one lesson a year, or one per week, it's up to you. Unlike traditional lessons, you are not committed to a lesson at the same day and time every week for multiple weeks. 

And lastly, local teachers generally do not provide students with an audio or video recording of the lesson, which you can watch, rewind, and pause until you've covered everything. If you've ever studied privately, you already know that you end up forgetting things as soon as you get home to practice.

One-on-one private video lessons let you choose the day and time that works best for your schedule, all without needing to get into your car. You get a high quality video with multiple camera angles that ensure you see EVERY note. No need to peer over the teacher's shoulder...it's all right there for you to see.

Ready to sign-up?

Click the order button to order your private lesson. After purchase you'll be able to schedule a lesson time directly with Willie that works for both of you.

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