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No Bull Piano lessons are a smaller, focused subset of Jazzedge lessons. If you're looking for a more focused piano method, then No Bull Piano is perfect!

And, if you want to, you can always upgrade and get access to the full Jazzedge library at any time within your account.

Content Stats:

Jazzedge has more content than any other online piano platform.


Stream 24/7 our massive library of step-by-step lessons in all styles. There is always something new to learn.


Each chapter can be slowed down, sped up, book marked and controlled using our video player.


Lessons in jazz, blues, rock, funk, latin, classical, smooth jazz, holiday, ballad, pop and new age, all laid out step-by-step.


My first piano site was online in 2000 and we've been adding new lessons ever since!

Focused Courses For All Levels

No Bull Piano courses are laid out in order,
making it easier to follow a path to success.

1) 30-Day Piano Playbook

My 30-Day Piano Playbook is a great way to get started with my lessons. Through these 30 lessons you'll learn about rhythm, improvisation, chords and more. Days 1-19 are easier lessons, while days 20-30 are more advanced.

Lessons in this course:

  • Playbook Days 1-10
  • Playbook Days 11-20
  • Playbook Days 21-30

Course duration = 03:34:47

2) Rhythm Essentials

In this course you will learn how to improve your rhythm at the piano. Using a combination of my easy vocalization approach, exercises, examples and tips you'll be on your way to becoming what I call a “Total Musician.”

Lessons in this course:

  • Exercises in 7/8 (Willie Answers)
  • Mastering Rhythms - Vol. 2
  • Mastering Rhythms - Vol. 1
  • Rhythm Foundations
  • Mastering Rhythms - The Basics
  • 5 Must Have Rhythms

Course duration = 05:09:08

3) Piano Essentials (Beginner)

Learn your essential scales, chords and progression in this in-depth course. This beginner course focuses on the 6 keys you should master first. Once complete, move on to the advanced course.

Lessons in this course:

  • Pain, Tension and Technique
  • Piano Essentials Key of C
  • Piano Essentials Key of G
  • Foundations For Beginners – Technique
  • Piano Essentials Key of D
  • Piano Essentials Key of A
  • Piano Essentials Key of B Flat
  • Piano Essentials Key of F
  • Piano Essentials Practice Tips

Course duration = 04:31:38

4) Piano Essentials (Advanced)

Learn your essential scales, chords and progression in this in-depth course. This advanced course focuses on the next 6 keys. Start with the beginner course before doing this advanced course.

Lessons in this course:

  • Piano Essentials Key of A Flat
  • Piano Essentials Key of B
  • Piano Essentials Key of D Flat
  • Piano Essentials Key of E Flat
  • Piano Essentials Key of E
  • Piano Essentials Key of F Sharp

Course duration = 01:23:33

5) No Bull Guide To Jazz Piano™ (Beginner)

To celebrate Jazz Appreciation Month, my No Bull Guide to Jazz Piano™ will show you how to improvise like a jazz player! This beginner course will teach you how to improvise, even if you have never improvised before! Course too easy? Check out my advanced course.

Lessons in this course:

  • NBGJP Prep Lesson
  • Master Every Chord At The Piano Using This Exercise
  • Lesson #1 - 3 Basic Rhythms
  • Lesson #2 - 12 Bar Blues Form and Chords
  • Lesson #3 - Anyone Can Play The 12-Bar Blues
  • Lesson #4 - Chord Shells
  • Lesson #5 - Comping Chords
  • Lesson #6 - Comping & Rhythmic Improvisation
  • Lesson #7 - Jam Over The Blues
  • Lesson #8 - The Blues Scale Demystified
  • Lesson #9 - How To Improvise Over The Blues
  • Lesson #10 - How To Improvise Over The Blues Part 2
  • Lesson #11 - Blues Notes and Licks Part 1
  • Lesson #12 - Blues Notes and Licks Part 2
  • Lesson #13 - Blues Triplet Rhythm
  • Lesson #14 - Blues Rolls, Tremolos and Grace Notes
  • Lesson #15 - Blues Double Stops
  • Lesson #16 - Minor Blues Progression with Rootless Chords
  • Lesson #17 - How To Play a Easy Bass Line for Minor Blues
  • Lesson #18 - How to Improvise Over Minor Blues
  • Lesson #19 - Alternate Minor Blues Bassline
  • Lesson #20 - Rhythms To Make Your Improv Sound Advanced
  • Lesson #21 - Jazz Walking Bass Made Easy
  • Lesson #22 - Easy Boogie-Woogie Bass
  • Lesson #23 -Boogie-Woogie Bass With Licks
  • Lesson #24 -Three Easy Blues Intros
  • Lesson #25 -Three Easy Blues Endings
  • Lesson #26 - 5 Blues Improvisation Scales
  • Lesson #27 - 5 Killer Blues Licks Part 1
  • Lesson #28 - 5 Killer Blues Licks Part 2
  • Lesson #29 - Easy Blues Piano Pentatonic Licks
  • Lesson #30 - How To Use All That You've Learned in This Course

Course duration = 09:07:33

6) Step-By-Step Improvisation Over Standards

In this course you'll learn how to really improvise over standards. We begin with our Improvisation Guide which shows you what lessons and courses you should learn if you're new to improvisation. Next, we begin improvising over standards "Easy Living" and "My Romance" so you see real-world examples of how to create a solo.

Lessons in this course:

  • Beginner's Guide
  • Analysis and Starting Improv
  • Altered and 1/2 Whole Diminished Scales
  • Chord-Tone Boulders
  • Play and Rest
  • Targeting
  • Rhythmic Improvisation Map
  • Fingering And Flow
  • Chords and Accompaniment
  • Improvising Over A New Standard From Scratch
  • My Romance Improv Part 1
  • My Romance Improv Part 2
  • Just The Way You Are - Part 1
  • Just The Way You Are - Part 2
  • Wrap Up and Student Questions

Course duration = 17:08:19

7) No Bull Guide to Arranging Jazz Standards™

In this course you'll learn how to create arrangements for three classics songs: "Yesterday" by Lennon/McCartney, "Well You Needn't" by Thelonious Monk and "Waltz For Debby" by Bill Evans. This course was taught live and shows you in detail the steps that I take to create both simple and more complex arrangements from a lead sheet / fakebook. It is recommended that you take my Step-By-Step Standards course before taking this course.

Lessons in this course:

  • No Bull Guide To Arranging Jazz Standards

Course duration = 03:46:13

8) No Bull Guide To Jazz Piano™ (Advanced)

In this advanced course, you'll take your jazz playing up a level by learning how to form rootless chords, comp and improvise over a more complicated blues progression. Course too difficult? Check out my beginner course.

Lessons in this course:

  • Guide Tones & Rootless Chords
  • Lesson #1 - Guide Tones and Blues Chords
  • Lesson #2 - Guide Tones with Added 9th Rootless Chords
  • Lesson #3 - Simplified Rootless Jazz Chords
  • Lesson #4 - Jazz Comping Made Easy
  • Lesson #5 - Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales
  • Lesson #6 - How To Create Jazz Licks
  • Lesson #7 - Improvising Over The Blues Part 1
  • Lesson #8 - Improvising Over The Blues Part 2
  • Lesson #9 - Blues Fills and Turns Part 1
  • Lesson #10 - Blues Fills and Turns Part 2
  • Lesson #11 - Blues Fills and Turns Part 3
  • Lesson #12 - Blues Improvisation Guide Tones
  • Lesson #13 - Neighbor Tones & Enclosures
  • Lesson #14 - How To Use Enclosures for Improv
  • Lesson #15 - Blues Bebop Improvisation
  • Lesson #16 - Latin Jazz / Swing Blues
  • Lesson #17 - How To Play Jazz & Blues Basslines
  • Lesson #18 - Jazz Piano Quartal Comping
  • Lesson #19 - Improvise Using Chord Cells Part 1
  • Lesson #20 - Improvise Using Chord Cells Part 2
  • Lesson #21 - Altered And Diminished Scales for Improvisation
  • Lesson #22 - Altered and Diminished Scale Cells
  • Lesson #23 - Mixolydian and Diminished Jazz Etude
  • Lesson #24 - Three Advanced Blues Intros
  • Lesson #25 - Three Advanced Blues Endings
  • Lesson #26 - Blues Turnaround Progressions
  • Lesson #27 - Upper Structure Chord Voicings Part 1
  • Lesson #28 - Upper Structure Chord Voicings Part 2
  • Lesson #29 - 5 Ideas to Improve Your Jazz Solos

Course duration = 08:20:52

9) Learn Jazz Piano (The Basics)

This is my Ben's Blues lesson. In this course you'll learn the basics of becoming a jazz piano player. We use the 12-bar blues to learn bass lines, rootless chords and improvisation. All the basics a budding jazz pianist needs in his or her toolbox.

Lessons in this course:

  • Ben's Blues Part 1
  • Ben's Blues Part 2
  • Ben's Blues Part 3
  • Ben's Blues Part 4
  • Hand Coordination Technique for Improv
  • Ben's Blues - Melody With Bassline

Course duration = 03:49:54

10) No Bull Piano™

My No Bull Piano™ course features lessons that strip away the B.S. that bloats other methods. Learn new techniques, clearly explained, that you can use right away in your piano playing.

Lessons in this course:

  • Effortless Minor Improvisation
  • Anyone Can Improvise in 3 Easy Steps (For Beginners)
  • No Bull Piano Webinars
  • How To Play Blues For Hours

Course duration = 05:05:57

11) How To Play From Fakebooks

Similar to my How To Play Standards course, this course will give you a streamlined group of lessons designed to teach you how to QUICKLY spin up an arrangement from a leadsheet.

Lessons in this course:

  • How To Play From Fakebooks
  • How To Improvise Over Fakebooks

Course duration = 02:11:16

12) Practice With Willie

In this course I have created videos of me taking one particular topic and showing you how to practice it. Topics range from easy to more advanced.

Lessons in this course:

  • Episode #1 - Green Dolphin Street Locked Hand Style
  • Episode #2 - Enclosures
  • Episode #3 - Diminished Chord Tricks
  • Episode #4 - Altered Chords and Scales
  • Episode #5 - Basslines
  • Episode #6 - Scale Slipping

Course duration = 03:13:01

13) How To Play Standards

If you have never played a standard before, start here to learn the different layers to create an arrangement of a standard and learn to improvise over it. This course is also home to my 12 Days of Jazz Standards lesson featuring "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square."

Lessons in this course:

  • 4-Layer Standards
  • How to Play Standards
  • How to Improvise Over Standards
  • 12 Days of Jazz Standards

Course duration = 05:54:38

14) Step-By-Step Standards

In this course you'll learn how to create arrangements of standards using my step-by-step approach. This course will also show you how to create accompaniments for you to sing over or accompany others.

Lessons in this course:

  • 4 Step Standards Mini Course - Step 1
  • Step 2 - Reharmonization
  • Step 3 - Intros, Endings and Accompaniment
  • Step 4 - Scales For Improvisation
  • Step 5 - Building a Solo Over Standards
  • "My Romance"

Course duration = 06:09:53

15) Chord Essentials (Beginner)

In this course you will learn your chords using real examples that focus on the different keys using a variety of styles! These styles include, ballad, driving Rock, bossanova, swing, country rock, boogie blues, funk, classical, smooth jazz and stride.

Lessons in this course:

  • Chord Essentials Tips
  • Chord Essentials - Key of C
  • Chord Essentials - Key of A
  • Chord Essentials - Key of Bb
  • Chord Essentials - Key of D
  • Chord Essentials - Key of F
  • Chord Essentials - Key of G

Course duration = 05:37:58

16) Chord Essentials (Advanced)

In this course you will learn the next 6 keys using real examples that focus on the different keys using a variety of styles! These styles include, ballad, driving Rock, bossanova, swing, country rock, boogie blues, funk, classical, smooth jazz and stride.

Lessons in this course:

  • Chord Essentials - Key of Ab
  • Chord Essentials - Key of B
  • Chord Essentials - Key of Db
  • Chord Essentials - Key of E
  • Chord Essentials - Key of Eb
  • Chord Essentials - Key of F#

Course duration = 02:59:16

17) Improvisation Essentials (Beginner)

Improvisation Essentials, or ‘Improv’ Essentials for short, is a collection of lessons designed to improve your improvisation skills. If you’ve ever dreamed of improvising over jazz standards and other styles of music, this is the course you need! In this beginner course we are focusing on creating improv patterns and learning basic progressions and how to improvise over them.

Lessons in this course:

  • Improvisation Techniques for All levels
  • What is Improvisation?
  • Cycle 4 Motion
  • Cycle 4 Motion with Improvisation Pattern
  • ii-V-I Progression and Voicings
  • ii-V-I Progression with Arpeggios
  • ii-V-I-V7 of ii Progression with Enclosures
  • Chord Approaches / Enclosures & Guide Tones
  • Rhythm and Articulation

Course duration = 04:54:54

18) Easy Jazz Standards

These easy arrangements are a great to way get started playing jazz standards. In combination with my "How To Play Standards" course, you will be well on your way to building a great jazz repertoire!

Lessons in this course:

  • "In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning"
  • "What A Wonderful World" - Vol. 1 (Arrangement)
  • "When Sunny Gets Blue"
  • "What A Wonderful World" - Vol. 2 (Improvisation)
  • "Fly Me To The Moon"
  • "Moon River"
  • "As Time Goes By"

Course duration = 06:24:25

19) Scales and Chords

In this course you will learn how to create scales, find scales that work over specific chords and understand diatonic chords in detail.

Lessons in this course:

  • Finding Scale Secrets
  • Essential Scale Tricks - How To Learn Scales Faster
  • Diatonic Chords - Vol. 1
  • Diatonic Chords - Vol. 2
  • Dominant Bebop Scale
  • Creating Modal Chords

Course duration = 03:45:31

20) Jam With Willie

Each month, jam with me over a 'to be determined' groove, progression, song, etc. At the end of the month I combine the videos in one master performance of all students!

Lessons in this course:

  • Jam #1 - Easy C Blues
  • Jam #2 - Bossa Nova
  • Jam #3 - Funk

Course duration = 00:57:40

21) Accompany Yourself or Others

These lessons are great if you want to accompany yourself or others while singing. You will also learn more about how to effectively comp chords.

Lessons in this course:

  • "Stella By Starlight"
  • Accompaniments and Turnarounds
  • Accompaniment Toolkit

Course duration = 03:24:45

22) 7 Days of Improvisation

This lesson is great for intermediate players or any student that wants new ideas that add to their toolkit. Learning how to improvise doesn’t have to be mysterious or scary. I’ve learned that there is a definite approach in how to teach this skill that makes it easy for all students to learn.

Lessons in this course:

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5
  • Day 6
  • Day 7

Course duration = 05:26:19

23) Blues Licks & Riffs

In this course you will learn several different Otis Spann, Gene Harris and blues/gospel licks. Chord progressions, chord voicings, rhythmic techniques and a wealth of improvisation material are also included.

Lessons in this course:

  • ABC's of the Blues - Vol. 1
  • ABC's of the Blues - Vol. 2
  • Gene Harris Blues Gospel Licks - Vol. 1
  • Gene Harris Blues Gospel Licks - Vol. 2
  • Otis Spann Licks and Runs
  • 15 Blues Licks
  • Create Otis Spann Style Licks
  • How To Create Blues Piano Licks

Course duration = 06:31:08

24) Blues Song Arrangements

In this course you will different blues song arrangements. If you like the bebop and blues sound, slow and soulful blues and are ready to focus on improvisation combined with some advance concepts then this is the collection for you!

Lessons in this course:

  • "Stormy Weather"
  • "A Mid-Summer Session"
  • "Georgia On My Mind"

Course duration = 06:56:20

25) Blues Song Improvisation

In this collection we will cover different ways to improvise over blues-type songs. The first lessons are easier then we progress into some more advanced techniques. You'll learn about boogie styles along with a bebop blues with walking bassline. These techniques are great for blues and jazz.

Lessons in this course:

  • "All Blues" Techniques
  • How To Create A Blues
  • "Bebop Blues"
  • Unlocking the 9 Secrets of the Blues
  • Blues and Boogie Piano

Course duration = 05:07:46

26) Beginning Jazz and Blues Improv

In this collection we will cover the basics of how to combine melody, rhythm and harmony to create an improvised line. By utilizing material that I’ve created for beginners to improvisation, this collection will be easy and welcoming to all levels. The techniques you learn here will apply to all styles of improvised music!

Lessons in this course:

  • Beginning Jazz & Blues Improv 1
  • Beginning Jazz & Blues Improv 2
  • Beginning Jazz & Blues Improv 3
  • Beginning Jazz & Blues Improv 4
  • Beginning Jazz & Blues Improv 5
  • Beginning Jazz & Blues Improv 6
  • Beginning Jazz & Blues Improv 7
  • Beginning Jazz & Blues Improv 8

Course duration = 04:42:06

27) Slow Blues 1

Learn that slow, soulful blues style in this course. You'll learn different accompaniment styles to make your slow blues playing sound more rich and full. We will also cover how to improvise over the blues for beginners.

Lessons in this course:

  • Richard Tee - Tribute
  • Slow, Soulful Blues - Frank's Blues
  • Slow, Blues Improvisation - Vol. 2
  • Slow, Blues Improvisation - Vol. 1
  • Slow Blues - Stormy Monday - Vol. 1
  • Slow Blues - Stormy Monday - Vol. 2

Course duration = 07:02:08

28) JazzKids®

JazzKids was created to teach anyone, at any level, how to get started in jazz and blues. With catchy songs, ear training, rhythmic and improvisational exercises, JazzKids helps students become more creative at the piano.

Lessons in this course:

  • JazzKids Level 1
  • JazzKids Level 2
  • JazzKids Level 3
  • JazzKids Level 4

Course duration = 11:55:17

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Students can optionally pay for a private lesson directly with me if they need it. This lets you pay only for what you need.

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You'll get lessons on technique that other teachers either don't share...or don't know!

Backing Tracks

Hours and hours of backing tracks are included to make your practice more fun and engaging.


You're not alone! Find answers and connect with other students in our forum and social community.


Anyone can improvise with my system. If you've always wanted to improvise...I'll teach you.

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Who is Willie?

I'm a Berklee College of Music grad, been teaching over 30 years, toured internationally, recorded several albums, written over a dozen books on music and have been teaching online for almost 20 years!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between No Bull Piano™ and Jazzedge®?

No Bull Piano is a smaller subset of lessons that you'll find on Jazzedge . In other words, if you are a Jazzedge member, you already have access to all of the current and future No Bull Piano lessons.

However, if you are just getting started, No Bull Piano has a lot of great lessons designed to keep you focused and not get overwhelmed with too much content.

The way the courses are laid out, you can simply follow them in order. Or, bounce around from lesson to lesson. You have complete access after subscribing.

Is this site good for beginners?

If you are an absolute beginner, meaning you don't know the notes of the keyboard, have never played a song or have no idea what a quarter-note means, you should look at my HomeSchoolPiano program which is perfect for absolute beginners.

If you've been playing for a few months you have all the skill you need to be successful here at Jazzedge. My students range from beginners to pros. You'll find all the lessons you need here to "level up" your piano playing.

Read "How Do I Not Get Overwhelmed With All This Content?" below...

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, all of our memberships now come with a 14-day free trial. This means you have 2 weeks to try ALL of the lessons. After 14 days you can download the sheet music and resources.

If you'd rather not enter your credit card information, we also offer a limited free trial.

I'm put off my the word "Jazz" in Jazzedge. Is this site only jazz?

Not at all. I have hundreds of lessons ranging from funk to rock, blues to latin, theory to ear training and even beginner classical piano lessons. 

Over a dozen musical styles are covered in my lessons.

So, why Jazzedge? Well, when I started my online businesses in 2000...yes that long ago, I wanted to created a name that joined together my love for jazz and education. That became JazzED which eventually morphed into JazzEdge. We actually spelled it as JazzEDge for a while.

So Jazzedge is not only for the 'elite' player. Jazzedge takes the best of jazz, its creativity and improvisational spirit, to create an online learning experience like no other.

As one of my students likes to say "Your lessons don't just teach me a song, they teach me HOW to learn."

How do I not get overwhelmed with all this content?

Most students ask me "Where do I start with all these lessons?"

There are four "levels" that I suggest you follow:

1. Start with the courses. The first 12 courses are laid out in order that you should learn them. If you've worked through the first 12 courses then you'll have the skills necessary to know where to go next.

2. Check out my Piano Transformation Paths™ which give you more detailed practice paths to follow. Pulling from multiple lessons and courses, these paths will help guide you toward a specific goal.

3. Group coaching is help every other week. Please's included in your membership. Many students fail to realize that they can submit a video of their playing (or play live) during coaching to get my feedback. My coaching students work with me live, ask questions, get feedback and direction on how to improve and what they should practice next.

4. Finally, if you need a more personal touch, private lessons are available (additional cost) for Jazzedge members. Schedule and pay for a lesson for me then we can meet 1-on-1 and put together a plan for your playing!

Can I download the lessons?

You can download all of the sheet music, jam tracks and stream the videos as much as you like. Video downloading is not available at Jazzedge. However, most of the lessons at Jazzedge (with a few exceptions) can be found at our Piano Lesson Store where you can purchase them individually and download them to your computer.

Is new content being added to the site?

Yes! we regularly add new content to the site. Best of all, we add new songs and styles so it's never long before you find something new to be interested in learning.

Do I need any special keyboard or equipment?

No. Any piano or keyboard will do just fine. The keyboard I use in my lessons is a Yamaha DGX 625 but you can use any keyboard. Your keyboard should be at least 4 octaves (5 is better) and have full-sized keys. To view the video and use the site, any laptop, computer, tablet or smart phone will be fine to view the lessons. As long as you're connected to the internet, you're good!

Do you offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes! I want you to be happy with your lessons, so if you're not 100% happy with the lessons, your purchase is backed by my Piano-Success™ Guarantee.  Simply contact us within 30 days and we will credit what you paid toward any lesson in our lesson download store.

How do I cancel my membership?

On your dashboard you'll see a link to subscriptions. Simply go to that page and every subscription you have will be listed there with a cancel link.

Any hidden fees or contracts?

Absolutely not! You can manage your account easily from your dashboard. You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time. And, if you need help, just chat in and we will be happy to help!

What if I need help?

All membership levels can chat in using the orange chat bubble in the bottom right of each page. If you have a music related question, that is best answered in our group coaching or private lesson. 


With the largest selection of highest-quality piano lessons online, Jazzedge has become the place where serious students take their piano playing to their next level.
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