Meet, Play, Learn

A Jazzedge Live event is like no other. Learn directly from Willie, meet fellow students from around the world and play with a professional band.

Now's your turn to shine.
We are not responsible if you become addicted to performing with a live band :)

Why Come To a Live Event?

Learn and perform with a professional band, in a supportive environment, with students from all over the globe


Unlike any experience you've had before, performing with a live band is exhilarating, a little scary, but worth every second.

At Jazzedge Live, Willie and the band make it fun and easy to bring out your inner performer. 

Even if you've never played with a band before, the pre-event lessons get you ready for what will be an event to remember!


You've seen me on video. You've worked with me online. Now you can learn with me live, face-to-face.

Nothing beats the engagement and excitement of a live training session.

Ask your questions and get answers live. Missed something? No's all recorded for you to watch later!


Learning the piano can be lonely, especially through online lessons. 

Jazzedge Live makes learning fun again. You get to meet students from around the world and share experiences with one another.

Here's Michèle from Switzerland with my partner-in-crime, Jami.


Sure, playing with a band can be scaring.

But, I'm only footsteps away, ready to help if you need it.

Jazzedge Live makes learning fun because we take the scary out of the experience.

Everyone has fun!

An Experience That Exceeds Expectations...

Hear from Jazzedge Live attendees what they loved most about the event.

The Proof is in the Playing.

Watch Students Perform With the Band
Chanda performing "Footsteps"
Paul performing "Alice in Wonderland"
Mary performing "My Romance"
Virgle performing "Green Dolphin Street"
Michèle performing "Summertime"
Mark performing "Gospel Blues"
John performing "House of The Rising Sun"
Dennis performing "Autumn Leaves"

Super-Early Bird Ticket


Event Details

Friday May 1st, 2020 – Sunday May 3rd, 2020


Attendees check into the event hotel, grab their Jazzedge goodie bag and get rested and ready for Saturday's training session. Need some food? Restaurants are on site and downtown Providence is only a short Uber ride away.


8am Saturday
Attendees will be picked up at the event hotel and brought to the Jazzedge studios. Any student staying 'off site' will need to provide their own transportation to the studio.


8:30am Saturday
Breakfast will be provided at the hotel but we will also have some light refreshments at the studio to welcome you to the space. We will also discuss what we will be covering over the 2 days of the event and show you around the studio.


9am-11:30 Saturday
I will be teaching concepts based upon what attendees submit in the pre-event survey. You get to have a say in what you learn! Ask me questions and learn with me live.


11:30am-12:30pm Saturday
Lunch will be provided at the studio, including options for vegetarians.


1-5pm Saturday
Now the real fun begins! This first day of jamming will likely feel a bit 'nerve-racking' but you'll quickly get the feel for it and I'll be right there to help you succeed!


5-5:30pm Saturday
I'll do a short set with the band to finish out the day. Hear us jam over some standards and blues and see how we interact.


6pm Saturday
Phew...what a day! Your head will be swimming with ideas for the bus ride back to the hotel.


8:30am-5pm Sunday
We do it all over again! 

You'll get picked up at the hotel at 8am, brought to the studio and we do another 2 1/2 hours of teaching and 4 more hours jamming with the band!


5-6pm Sunday
We wrap our event with an optional roundtable discussion for those who can stay the extra hour. During this time, Jami and I want to hear from you!

What did you think of the event? How can we make it better? What would you like to see on the site? Got questions for us?

This feedback helps shape the program and ensures that your voice is being heard.

Super-Early Bird Ticket


Where Are We Going?

Jazzedge Live is held at the Jazzedge studio in East Greenwich, RI.

Attendees get to see where the lessons are made, sit at the piano I use to record the lessons and even see my desk. (I promise to clean it...I swear)

Jazzedge Studios:

5853 Post Rd. Suite 201
East Greenwich, RI 02818

Event Hotel - Radisson Providence Airport

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the musical requirements needed to attend?

Students that have been playing for at least 2 years or more will benefit most from this event. Attendees are encouraged to know at least a few major scales, how to form triads and seventh chords and know how to play a few songs.

Can anybody attend? Do I need to audition?

There are no auditions and any student is welcome to attend. See "What Are The Musical Requirements To Attend?" above for the suggested musical requirements.

How much is lodging?

We have secured a fantastic event-rate of only $99/night at the Radisson Hotel right next to the airport.

If you stay at a different hotel, you'll need to arrange for your own transportation to our office (about a $15 UBER ride) or meet us at the event hotel for pickup.

Which airport do I fly into?

The closest airport to fly into is T.F. Green Airport. The hotel is a 6min walk from the airport. The airport code is PVD.

You can optionally fly into Boston, (BOS-Logan airport) but it will be your responsibility to get from Boston to R.I. (about a $100 Uber ride)

So, your best option is to fly into PVD.

What do I need to bring?

On the first day, attendees will be given a bag with some Jazzedge goodies and a binder with printed material that we will be covering over the weekend. This binder of material is yours to keep and covers everything we will be working on during the event.

So the only thing you need to bring is clothes (obviously) and any sheet music that you are currently working on or want to play with the band.

How many attendee slots are available?

To make this an exceptional experience for everyone, we are limiting the number of attendees to 20.

What can I expect to learn?

We will be learning theory, chords, improvisation, scales and many other important skills, but most of all, you will be learning how to take these skills and resources back home to implement into your every day practice to see maximum results.

I will survey attendees weeks before the event to help shape the curriculum as well.

What can I play with the band?

You can play pretty much anything you want. The band will consist of a bass player (likely acoustic) and drummer. These are band members I've played with several times in the past and are super supportive professionals. 

Most students will bring a jazz standard, or a rock song, or decide just to improvise. We have had students play original songs. It's really up to you what you play with the band.

It is recommended that you bring sheet music for the band. All of this will be covered in our pre-event course which you will get access to before coming to the event.

How do I prepare for this event?

My pre-event course, which you will get access to before coming to the event, will cover everything that you should practice and know about the event before attending. I will also do a live Q&A about the event with attendees so you can ask me questions live before the event.

Will there be recordings?

Yes! We will record all of the sessions so you can continue to learn from the material even after you return home. These recording are yours to keep.

We will also record your performance with the band and give you a special page (see Michèle's page) that you can share with your family and friends with your performance!

What am I expected to say, do, act, etc...?

All you need to do is show up. If you do not want to ask questions, or play with the band, no problem!

We want this event to be a fun experience for everyone. You will not be required to play in front of others or jam with the band if that makes you uncomfortable.

Your level of participation is completely up to you.

We ask that all students are respectful and supportive of other attendees.

Pricing and Refund Policy

When calculating the price for this event, we are considering all the value that attendees will receive.

Promotional Pricing is $499 if ordered before March 1st 2020. After that, we have early-bird pricing that is $599 until April 1st 2020. After April 1st, the full price is $699.

Full refund within the first 48 hours after purchase. After that, there are NO REFUNDS except in the rare case that we do not get enough students to register. In that case, a full refund will be issued. If you have purchased, and can't attend, your spot will be saved for a future live event or your payment can be applied to a membership.

I have a question not answered here!

Please reach out to me! Email me at or click on the 'help' bubble in the bottom-right of this page.

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