Safari - Not Loading Site

Sometimes the cache in Safari gets messed up and you might encounter an error. One solution is to use Chrome or Firefox as your browser. To fix the Safari issue, follow these steps to clear the website data for Jazzedge. Steps: In the Safari app, click Safari and Preferences Click the Privacy tab Click the […]

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No Sound - No Audio

If you are not hearing sound, it is likely because the video has been muted. To unmute the video click on speaker with the X through it. You can also try pressing the 'm' key if using a desktop or laptop computer.

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iRealPro Help

Youtube / iRealPro Training Video: Since we did not create this software, it is best to get help directly from the developer. Visit iRealPro Support Site After you have purchased and installed iRealPro on your phone, tablet or desktop (Mac only) then follow these directions: Login using the device that you have iRealPro installed on […]

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Clear my browser cache

Sometimes you need to clear your browser's cache in order to login to a site. This happens sometimes during upgrades or site changes and is a part of life on the Internet. Safari: In the Safari app, click Safari and Preferences Click the Privacy tab Click the Manage Web Site Data button A new window […]

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Using The Video Player

The Jazzedge video player makes it easier to view the lessons on any device. Here are the functions of the player. Activating The Player - you need to click on the video in order to activate the player. After activating the player keyboard shortcuts will work. If you click on the webpage, you'll notice that […]

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How Do I Cancel My Membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Please note, when you cancel your membership your access is removed immediately. If you are a monthly member and want to cancel, I suggest doing so 2-3 days before your next billing. If you have a trial account and want to cancel before being billed, scroll to […]

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Can't access the site

If you can't access the Jazzedge website or the videos will not play, please follow these steps in order: Try from a different browser OUTSIDE of your network. For example, try using your phone outside of your house (not connected to wifi) or try from work or a cafe. If you can access the site […]

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