Difference Between Jazzedge and PianoWithWillie

I started PianoWithWillie many years ago to store all of my piano lessons. Over time, students wanted to focus their practice on particular styles so I created my microsites: Cocktail Piano Lessons, Funk Piano Lessons, Rock Piano Lessons, Play Blues Piano, Jazz Piano Theory and Music Theory Online. This worked great for several years but […]

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All About Coaching

Coaching is the best way for you to share your playing with me, get feedback from me and stay accountable. O.K. we've heard all that before right? Accountability, practice, share with the group etc... But, does coaching really help? And, "What if I'm shy to share my questions and playing with others?" Coaching definitely helps […]

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How to get the most out of Jazzedge

Most students sign up for Jazzedge and are extremely happy with their results working through our courses. However, some students struggle to gain traction in their piano practice and achieve the results they are looking for. Almost 100% of the time, the students that struggle never fully used the resources of the Jazzedge website to […]

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Where Do I Start?

First, you might read this and say "Yeah, but this doesn't relate to me...." Please watch this video: I've been teaching online for 20+ years and teaching privately for almost 35 years so I know this stuff works. You must TRUST the process first. If you can't trust my method, I'd suggest checking out another […]

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Sheet Music & Backing Tracks

The sheet music and lesson resources can be found on each lesson page in the top-right part of the page. (See image below) The Sheet Music is in PDF format and should open easily on any device. The Audio files and Backing Tracks are ZIPPED so you'll need to unzip them before playing them. If […]

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How do I watch the FREE lessons?

First, make sure you have created your Free Jazzedge Account. After you login, you can fully browse the site and view all courses, lessons and chapter pages. However, you will not be able to download any of the resources (sheet music, backing tracks etc.) or view many of the videos. The videos that you can […]

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With the largest selection of highest-quality piano lessons online, Jazzedge has become the place where serious students take their piano playing to their next level.
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