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With the largest selection of piano lessons anywhere on the web Jazzedge has hundreds of lessons for absolute beginners to advanced students in styles like Jazz, Blues, Funk, Rock, Gospel, Latin, Classical and more.

You've seen the rest, now get ready for the best online piano lessons accessible from any device 24 hours a day!

What Kind of Player Are You?

Jazzedge students range from absolute beginners to professional working musicians!
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New? Start Here!

New to the piano? No problem! Our collection of beginner lessons let you go from unboxing your playing your favorite songs!

intermediate players

Been playing for a few years? Or, coming back to the piano after a break? Our vast network of sites give you the tools you need to structure your practice.

advanced players

Our step-by-step advanced lessons, along with 1-on-1 coaching has helped thousands of students break through to the next level in their piano playing.

Painless, Obstacle-Free Learning

We've been teaching piano online for almost 2 decades and in that time we have created a robust system that removes obstacles and makes it easy to learn. If you're willing to do some practicing, our tools make it painless to learn.

Lesson Structure
Our lessons have been created to make it easy to learn bit-by-bit without frustration.

Virtual Keyboard
Easily see every note with our proprietary virtual keyboard. Nothing to download, it's in the video!

Detailed Sheet Music
We have hundreds of pages of high-quality sheet music for you to download.

24/7 Access
Watch the lessons on your schedule,
anytime day or night, on any device!

Popular Music
Play everything from the Beatles to classic Jazz Standards, Hundreds of songs are broken down.

Connect With Others
Find answers and connect with other students in our forum and social community.

Theory & Ear Training
Train your brain and ears by doing. Each lesson covers theory in new ways so it gets under your fingers.

Practice Plan
Courses are laid out in a logical way to make it easy to know what to do every time you practice.

Backing Tracks
Hours and hours of backing tracks are included to make your practice more fun and engaging.

Dexterity & Fluidity
You'll get lessons on technique that other teachers either don't share...or don't know!

Questions Answered
Got a question? No problem! You can use the chat button to ask your question directly to Willie!

Anyone can improvise with my system. If you've always wanted to improvise...I'll teach you.

Many Sites...One Goal

Whatever your level or interest at the piano...we've got you covered.
Our goal is to give you the material you need to succeed.

We have the largest selection of piano lessons of any other online learning platform on the web.

Beginning in 2000, we have been creating lessons for the past 2 decades and continue to add new material.

From Jazz to Blues, Gospel to Classical and everything in between, we have a lesson that is perfect for you!

Which Site is Right For Me?

Dear Fellow Pianist,

Looking at the list of lesson sites below, you might at first feel overwhelmed.

Don't worry...I get it.

So let me take a minute to explain WHY we have all these sites in the first place.

My first site was JazzPianoLessons way back in 2000. Those lessons moved to PianoWithWillie and Jazzedge as a corporation was born in 2009.

I was adding new lessons EVERY WEEK for years...

This led to an enormous library of lessons, and led to students become more overwhelmed and confused about where to begin and what to do next.

It was around this time that I made the decision to create smaller "micro" sites that are focused on a specific area of study like cocktail piano, funk, rock, blues, etc.

My main PianoWithWillie site still has the most lessons on it with over 600 complete, full lessons.

PianoWithWillie also includes lessons in all styles: jazz, blues, funk, rock, gospel, classical, latin and more.

HomeSchoolPiano was created out of my Jazzkids program but was designed to be a beginner piano program for both kids and adults. In fact, I have more adults who use this program than kids!

You can read the description of each site below and visit the website of that site if you want to learn more or subscribe.

However...I've got another solution for you (which I think is better).

I've created my new Jazzedge website which gives you access to ALL of the sites below.

Our Network of Sites...

Piano With Willie

With over 600+ lessons with Berklee graduate Willie Myette, and access to a myriad of styles, the PianoWithWillie site is the "go to" place for online piano instruction. You'll learn chords, improvisation, arranging, theory, standards, blues, reharmonization and a whole lot more.

Level: Beg–AdV

Access this, and all sites 
with a Premier membership

HomeSchool Piano

HomeSchoolPiano has been designed to teach even absolute beginners how to play the piano. Built on solid methodology that integrates throughout all 18 units, the rhythms and technique that you learn at the beginning of each unit carry over into the reading, song and improvisation learned later in the unit.

Level: Beginner

Access this, and all sites 
with a Premier membership

Coaching With Willie

With individual 1-on-1 private lessons, along with monthly group classes, Coaching With Willie gives you access to Willie to ask your questions and get feedback. In this low-stress and supportive environment, Willie will give you feedback on your playing and the tools you need to stay on track to practice what matters.

Level: all

Access this, and all sites 
with a Premier membership

Cocktail Piano Lessons

You will get access to 16 modules that teach you how to create full arrangements for Jazz standards, along with improvisation. Cocktail Piano Lessons is a complete course to teach you how to become a cocktail pianist.

Level: int–adv

Access this, and all sites 
with a Premier membership

Play Blues Piano

Learn how to play both jazz and boogie-woogie blues progressions with accompaniments and improvisation. Never played the blues? No worries, the step-by-step lessons will show you how.

Level: beg–int

Access this, and all sites 
with a Premier membership

Rock Piano Lessons

We have created lessons for 23 of the best rock songs to play on the piano. Impress your friends while playing tunes such as Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are", Eric Clapton's "Layla" and many more. Plus learn Rock soloing techniques to improvise over your favorite rock songs.

Level: beg–int

Access this, and all sites
with a Premier membership

Funk Piano Lessons

We have created 18 lessons for the best funk techniques and songs to play on the piano. Impress your friends while playing tunes such as Michael Jackson's "Shake Your Body Down", Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and many more.

Level: beg–int

Access this, and all sites
with a Premier membership

Jazz Piano Theory

Learn jazz piano theory concepts like dominant motion, 2-5-1's, reharmonization techniques, how to arrange a lead sheet, tritone substitutions and more. This site is not for beginners. You should have gone through Music Theory Online first, know your chords and have played piano for a few years.

Level: int–adv

Access this, and all sites
with a Premier membership

Music Theory Online

If you've never studied music theory before, Music Theory Online is the place to start. In this site you'll learn how to tap into music more fully by learning concepts like diatonic chords, intervals, scales, relative minor and other important musical concepts that transform the student musician into a professional. Perfect for players of all levels.

Level: beginner

Access this, and all sites
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Jazz Christmas Music

Learn how to create full sounding piano accompaniments for just about any Christmas song. You'll learn song arrangements to songs like Chestnuts Roasting (The Christmas Song), The First Noel, O Holy Night, O Christmas Tree and many others!

Level: beg-adv

Access this, and all sites
with a Premier membership

Easy Piano Basics

Easy Piano Basics is a step-by-step method for adults who are new to the piano...or coming back to the piano after a break. In the Easy Piano Basics course, you will learn the basics of piano playing in the easiest way possible using the PianoWithWillie method which is based on over 25-years of professional experience.

Level: beginner

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Drums With Willie

Yes! We even have drum lessons. We asked our good friend Mike Marble to create a drum program for beginners and he knocked it out of the park. DrumsWithWillie is perfect for new drummers, young and old!

Level: beginner

Access this, and all sites
with a Premier membership

Summer Piano Jam

A multi-level, 5-week course to help you learn improvisation at the piano. There is a beginner level, perfect for students with only a year or less of piano practice. An intermediate level for those students who have more skill, and an advanced level for students looking to improvise over Jazz standards.

Level: beg-adv

Access this, and all sites
with a Premier membership

I've taken lessons for many years from others but nobody knows music and how to teach music like Willie. He is able to accommodate to many different skill levels effortlessly and with great thought. Highly recommended, you won't be sorry.

Bob Trevino 


I always learn something from the questions raised by other students, and Willie's responses often lead me to materials and lessons on the website that complement and deepen my own practice. This supportive group environment is dissolving my performance anxiety as well!


Seattle, WA

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