39. Dominant Motion

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In this lesson we are going to be talking about dominant motion.

I'm going to give you some great examples (plus 2 exercise) showing you how to utilize dominant motion in your arrangements to fill out the harmony.

You'll also learn about your diatonic seventh chords and how to create diatonic seventh chords in ANY key.

Dominant motion is an EASY way to add more chords to your piano arrangements to make the music your own, all while creating super cool chord progressions that will perk up your ears! We will be using a simple folk song Go Tell Aunt Rhody to demonstrate how to use dominant motion to extend the harmony and add more interesting chord motion.

In This Episode You'll Discover:

  • Diatonic Seventh Chords (2:30)
  • The V7 chord in each key (4:09)
  • Dominant Motion (6:27)
  • Dominant Motion Exercise #1 (9:21)
  • Dominant Motion Exercise #2 (12:43)
  • How to practice Dominant Motion (16:45)

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